About Us

   Nourishing. Whole. Organic. 
Cloud and Plain operates on a simple philosophy: what’s good for your skin must be good for your body. This means we use only organic ingredients carefully sourced from nature so you can nourish your skin with confidence. High maintenance skin? Meet low maintenance skincare. 
I could tell you a really long and philosophical story about how Cloud and Plain came into existence...but I figure short and sweet is best. In 2022 I asked myself a few simple questions: 
"Why is clean skincare so expensive?" 
"Why do we have so many different skincare products for face and body, but essentially none of them can be used interchangeably?" 
"Why do our faces get all these high quality complex products, but the rest of our body doesn't, because the face products are too expensive to use all over?" 
So? I did something about it. 
After about a year of experimenting, Virga Cloud Cream was officially born.  I started selling wholesale to my good friend over at "Urban Farm Collection" and reviews and comments came flooding in. 
One thing became clear. 
Skincare doesn't have to be complicated to be exceptional.  
Welcome to Cloud and Plain. 

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